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Seeds for the Future – Belgium 2016 – VUB China Network

Seeds for the Future – Belgium 2016

Seeds for the Future- Belgium 2016

Four VUB students were selected for a 2-week visit (20 August-3 September) to China: Chinese culture and language courses, sightseeing and a traineeship in the Huawei R&D center of Shenzen. Every year Huawei launches a competition to select the best students as “Seeds for the Future”. In 2016 the scope was enlarged from second and third year Bachelor students in Science & Technology to include Management and Business. Students from 5 universities participated to the competition: ULiège, UCL, UGent, KULeuven and VUB.

Congratulations to the 15 selected students and, in particular, the 4 VUB students. It might be you next year!

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